Monday, December 20, 2010


I don't think this guy took he rear wheel with him
There are 3 ways you can buy a bike

  • In a big box store (like Target)
  • Used
  • In a bike shop
A couple of years ago I had to buy two bikes for my kids.  So I gave this a lot of thought.

My first inclination was to got with the big box store. Because I am cheep.  I figured that I would have the kids checkout the bikes and then buy them on line and save even more money.  But the people who work there were so stupid I had to get out.  The display models were even falling apart.

Then I realized I could get a quality bike that was used.  I am an environmentalist so why buy something new when you can recycle.  I figured that I could get a great bike that otherwise would have been literally been gathering dust.  I know that the storage room in my building's own basement is full of great bikes that have been sitting still for years.  But when I looked at Craigslist I felt that who ever I bought the bike from was just selling stolen property.

Look how easy it is.  Nobody is gonna stop you.

So spent twice as much as Target and thrice as much as Craigslist and went to Dixon's Bike Shop around the corner from my house .  My kids have great bikes that get all the readjusted every Sprig by Mr Dixon himself.

Mr Dixon Jr. is also in my daughters class!

When the kids outgrow the bikes and I put them on Craigslist, I will indicated that I have the receipt.


  1. I like the personal attention you get in a small store. I didn't watch the steal a bike in NY video, but I'm sure it is pretty easy. Sad world.--Inger

  2. I like my guy, the one who buys bikes at police auctions and then fixes them up. We bought 3 really good high name bikes from him for good prices. if it weren't for him, I would go to a bike shop. though, i prefer Brooklyn cycles on 9th Street, they have worked on all 3 of our bikes.

  3. Denise, I met you guy. I wanted to be polite but I did not believe a word he said about police auctions.


You do not have to be nice!


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