Saturday, January 29, 2011

Does This Happen All The Time???

I live going to the Liberty State Park Science Center.  Getting there is half the fun.  Yea, I could drive, but if I move my car there will be no place to put it when I get home.  Every empty spot in Park Slope is instantly filled with snow.

Anyway, it only takes less than an hour to take the IRT to Park Place (20 minutes), walk to the PATH station at the World Trade Center (5 minutes), take the PATH one stop to Exchange Place (15 minutes, if you have to wait), and take the Hudson Bergen Light Rail to Liberty State Park (15 minutes if you have to wait).  It is actually quicker than taking the 7 Train to the NY Hall of Science.

The light rail is kinda fun.  It is a brand new trolley. The first half of the short trip it rides on a regular street, then it gets its own "road" to the park and beyond.

Not so quick today.

Some schmuck attempted to drive his car past the 3 DO NOT ENTER signs and go on the tracks.  Not so far.  I think he woulda gotten stuck if there was no snow.  Because I was with 2 10-year old boys we ride in the front.

Where was this guy trying to go..............

So the Light Rail had to back up onto a road with traffic going he other way.  Then we go on the next trolley and had a great time at the museum


  1. Pie eyed? What other reason could there be? Glad you got to the museum finally, and had a good time.

  2. I'm catching up on blogs and it's been a long time since I was here. sounds like you are doing OK.


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