Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Ice Skating Rink in Central Park

For me the Ice Rink in Central Park was a great place to see concerts.  In 1978 I broke through a chain link fence to see The Cars.  In 1979 I actually bought some tickets and had a seat to see Todd Rundgren and Utopia, The Pretenders, The Specials, and The B52s.  

DEVO came in robot suits and then de-evolved during the show.  For the last song they had monkeys on the stage.  

Joe Jackson was touring on Look Sharp and was pissed that people came to the show in shorts.  It was 102 degrees and I hit him with a roll of T.P when he played Sunday Papers.  

I remember almost quiting a (sub-minimum wage) job to see the Ramones.  For each of these shows I just need to leave work an hour early.  The Ramones required a day off.  I had to spend some time in Central Park "getting ready".  I told my boss in June I needed one day off in August.  The day before the show I reminded him that I would not be in the next day.  He told me he changed his mind and that I had to come to work the next day.  I remember the 16 year old me looked him right in the eye and said "Do you still want me to come in the day after tomorrow, because I ain't gonna be here tomorrow"   He knew I wasn't bluffing and I kept my job.

Donald Trump took over the ice rink, but he said no more concerts.  Fuck him.

Anyway, look what my daughter made;  I played with the Picasa buttons to make snow look better against snow.


  1. Yeah, who needs Donald Trump, anyway?
    Interesting snow sculpture you daughter did.
    I used to dream of skating on the rink in Central Park. I don't think I've ever been in New York in winter, and I can't skate anymore. Breaks my heart.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Nice way to enjoy the windfall of snow this year. Where I grew up in Minn we used to have 50km skate races on frozen rivers. Would have to watch out for snowmobiles these days. Enjoy the snow. Something to make the most of.

  3. Dr Pepper Music Festival! Those were the days! Devo, B52's, Joe Jackson I was there how about Mott the Hoople or Patti Smith where you there?

  4. I don't think I saw Mott or Patti, but I will have to check my ticket stubs. There are memory gaps from that time period.


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