Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cleaning Up on 4th Ave and 3rd St.

It used to be a place to get your car fixed.  Then they build a Staples and a PEPBOYS and a very fancy hotel. They were gonna build a Barnes & Nobel, but that fell through,

It has been a very empty lot for a few years.

Yesterday the Dept of Stationary had to come in and clean up.

You never know why one business leaves and another does not move in.  But it was a very nice place to get your car fixed and now it is nothing.

The place was called Parkside Auto got good reviews on Yelp.  It says there they "closed because the property they were on got sold."  Now we have a Pep Boys which has reviews like "Classically Terrible".

I guess I am one of those elitist old time Brooklyites but I can do with out the national chain stores.  Staples is no bargain.  Pep Boys is gonna break your car and what do we need a 5 star hotel with a view of a vacant lot.

Anyway if you walk to the other side of the vacant lot you are here

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