Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why did I drive?

I should know better.

This morning my kids had a track meet at the Armory Track and Field Center in Washington Heights.  It is not the first time I have been there. Sometimes I drive and sometimes I take the subway.

Driving takes 30 minutes in no traffic

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But there is never no traffic, even at 7am. It took me another half an hour to find a place to store my private property on public land (i.e. find a spot).  It also took 90 minutes to get home.  Traffic was FUBAR.

But here is the thing, it really ain't easy to park there.  It might be hard to see below, but the armory is the big building on Fort Washington Ave. between W168th St and W 169th St.  South and West of the Armory is the gigantic Columbia University Hospital.  No parking there.  So when I drive North on Fort Washington Ave after dropping off the kids I was really screwed W 169th W170th and W 171st Streets all head west from Fort Washington.  WTF.  So I had to make giant circles to find a spot.

But look just East of the Armory.  do you see those lines with the "M"s on them.  The red one is the 1 train and the blue one is the A train.  Yea the Subway.  New Yorkers like to complain but it would have been a lot nicer.  Not just more socially responsible, but faster and and a lot more fun than looking for spots or sitting in traffic

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