Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What is wrong with a slide?

The Prospect Park Zoo is mostly below grade in a little valley.  It is nice that way.  When you are there you don't really notice that it it next to a really big road.  You can't see the 3-D-ness of that from orbit but that sea lion tank is about 20 feet below Flatbush Ave. I was thinking about that when I let my kids loose there the other day.

I really started thinking about that when I heard the sound of the Subway coming out from under the staircase. The B and Q train is also about 20 feet below Flatbush Ave.

I noticed the fence in the wall behind this statue.

Here is a better photo.  It comes with this story, "This bronze sculpture depicting a mother lion nursing her cubs was created by French artist Victor Peter (1840–1918). The piece, located east of the sea lion pond at the Prospect Park Wildlife Conservation Center, was a gift from noted sculptor Frederick MacMonnies (1863–1937), who has a dozen pieces in New York’s parks, including two major works in Prospect Park, Horse Tamers (1899) and the bronze depiction of James S.T. Stranahan (1891)."

I climbed over the shrubs to see through the gate.

 Some classic shit back there

 I wish I had a big zoom lens

 The back of the statue. Cuter than the front.  You can tell tis statue was not meant to be in front of a wall.

From "New York City Zoos "The Lioness and Cubs sculpted by Victor Peters in 1899 is located at the base of the twin staircases as you enter the zoo. The statue was located inside Prospect Park before 1934 when Robert Moses, parks commissioner, moved it into the zoo to protect it from children using the lioness as a slide."

A fun slide

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  1. I never looked at the back of the statue, that is adorable!


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