Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't even think the person who made the signs knew what they wanted it to say

On E 16th Street between Ave Z and Sheepshead Bay Rd there are two storefronts across the street from each other.

I am not saying that my writing skills are perfect but lets look at Z-Drugs.  They have a sign in the window listing their services.


So were they trying to say they take your cash to pay all bills, or where they waiting for someone to give them the list before actually making the sign.  I will never know, there was not much English inside Z DRUGS.

Across the street is Manhattan Shoes.  They sell European Ladies Shoes.  It would make as much sense to me if it were called European Shoes and sold Manhattan ladies shoes.  I guess either way there is noting in that store for me.

But around the corner is the Li Du Bakery (no they don't have a website). I don't think there is any English in that shop.  Except "coffee" "tea" and "thank you".  I don't care.  I love a place where I can get 3 pork buns and a cup of coffee for under $4.  If I still lived in Sheepshead Bay I would be 20 pounds heavier.

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