Monday, June 6, 2011

No complaints.

I was an hour early to catch a LIRR Train out East so I figured I would have one last chance to have a chicken and rice before I left civilization.  As you can see to the right there are not many park benches in that part of Midtown, so I walked over the the front of Madison Square Garden an sat on the totally unused steps.

When I was sittin' there with my styrofoam container of food, I realized I was in a famous spot.  I was sitting in the doorway of "The world's most famous arena."  Tourists were taking pictures.  Whatever.

But when I was halfway done with my lunch a security guard hassled me.  He did not tell me I had to leave or that I could not eat there.  He just wanted me to stand up.  I was sitting next to this sign.>>>

He expected me to stand and eat my chicken and rice.  I did not think he hat to authority to make me stand and eat.  So I looked up and him and asked him if there was a sign that said "smiling is prohibited" would he ask me to pout.  He looked at me like I just strangled his bosses kitten.  I told him that I will be done with my lunch in 5 minutes.  He mumbled something incompressible and did not return with Homeland Security to enforce the prohibition of sitting.

The reason for my Saturday afternoon train ride was because I had a job that started at 4am on Sunday.  If you have to start work 50 miles from home at 4am  it comes with a hotel room.  When you boss pays for your hotel you don't complain about the view.  But here it is.  That is not a beach.  That is a pit next to the L.I.E.  Click here for a Google Map.

The people I worked with figured out that if you need a crew to start working at 4am you gotta feed them.  Otherwise, they will all show up a half hour late with a cup of 7-11 coffee in their hands.  They had a guy making eggs for us. On a grill.  On the beach. Nice.

There was nowhere to sit when I ate breakfast but I had this view of the sunrise.  No complaints.

Watta way to start the day.

Hey, then I worked very hard (and had a lotta fun) from 4:30 am to about Noon.

Gotta ride back to civilization and caught the subway home from Astoria.


  1. Your encounter with the rail nazi is too funny. Early day for you!!

  2. Hassled for sitting on the steps at Madison Square Garden. You should have asked the security guard if he wanted to go a few rounds.
    Lots of memories of seeing (on TV) various events there, but mostly "da fights"!
    Having someone cook breakfast on the beach sounds wonderful, but that early in the morning? No thanks. Love your last photo, though.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I have a friend in Astoria. This is one great view. Sounds like you had a great day...grilled breakfast on the beach sounds awesome!


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