Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back To Northampton!

As much as I love Brooklyn, it is good to leave town for a few days. It is even better to have great friends who moved to a great community like Northampton Mass, the Park Slope of New England.  (look at the photos I took 2 years ago. It is kinda funny that I took the same shot of my daughter jumping in the pool, that was not a plan.)

As soon as we got there the kids jumped in the pool

But I sat back in the shade and enjoyed the sky

On Independence Day, we went to the "up to the hill towns" to enjoy the 64th Annual Chesterfield 4 of July Celebration.  Last year we watched as Americans were made,

The highlight, of course was the fact that my friend Lily performed in the Florence Community Band.

My son liked the old classic cars and old engines

This time I took the kids on the Rail Trail with our bikes.  Again, look at the bottom of this blog post from 2009.  (to the right is a better photo that the one I took with my phone)

Last December I ran the Rail-Trail. Compare the photo below to the 4th photo in this blog post.....

And this to the 5th in this post....

Also, like Brooklyn, Northampton has "yarn bombers"


  1. I grew up half an hour from Northampton. It is an awesome town. Glad you got to spend some time there. There are cool dinosaur tracks down by the river, too.

  2. Great pictures, they bring back good memories of the time I spent in Northampton while going to college in a neighboring town.


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