Saturday, July 9, 2011

A quick trip to The New York Hall of Science

I was looking for a place to enjoy some AC.  My son and his friend could care less that it was hot and sunny.

How can an eleven year old not play mini golf in a rocket park

Or a Science Playground

I did get them to See The Light and get some cool air

I am sure I will be back soon.  I have twins.


  1. We recently brought our 10-year-old very smart friend Ella to the Queens Science Hall. Apart from it being overwhelmingly crowded, we all found it a bit over-the-top and not very helpful relative to signage, explanation etc. The Rocket 'ride' was expensive and too short and didn't impress her. Ella is a very grounded girl but didn't feel she really learned anything. Of course, when we got outside to the music part of it she was in her element and interaction was swift and creative and joyous. I don't see how little kids really get any of it but what do I know. I'm an old :-)

  2. Oh Linda, I am sorry you were there on a crowded day. It must have been campers or school trips.

    I don't go there to get my kids to learn, just to have fun around smart stuff.


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