Monday, August 22, 2011

I am not Chicken Knickers

I blog as ChickenUnderwear

A friend photographs art and said this reminded her of me.

It was on display in the Tate

Chicken Knickers  1997

Photograph on paper
image: 426 x 426 mm
on paper, print

Purchased 1998
Following the Surrealist tradition, Lucas places familiar objects in shocking or unexpected arrangements. Many of these exploit the sexual innuendo that is a key feature of popular British comedy, from Carry On films to Viz magazine. In this photograph, the humour has a troubling edge. Displaying a plucked chicken in place of a young woman''s genitals, Lucas hints at the violation and gender stereotyping that underlies such jokes.
 (From the display caption September 2004)

Don't look below if you don't want something that might be considered pornography on your screen.

Remember, are is anything that makes you feel _______________ .

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