Monday, August 22, 2011

Found It !!!!!

The past few summers have been a quest for the great water park.  In 2008 we schlepped out to Hope NJ to check out The Land of Make Believe.  I thought it was nice but it was my first water park, and 65 miles away.  Last summer we hauled out to Riverhead to play at Splish Splash.  Looking back it was not with the 80 mile drive to mingle with the overflow crowds from the Hamptons.  Also, the place was like Disneyland; it was huge and had huge lines.

Yesterday we took a quick 40 mile trip to Keansburg NJ to play at Runaway Rapids.  As soon as we got there I knew this was gonna be a great day for the kids.  The park had great rides and not lines.  Yes, the GREAT RIDES AND VIRTUALLY NO LINES.  The ONLY two things that kid care about when it comes to any kind of amusement park.

Below is the entire park in two photos as seen from the middle.

It also had a nice place for me to sit and read.  To the right was my view.

To the left is what it looks like from space.  You can't really zoom in on the space shot, but if you could you would see that the place was spotless and the staff was friendly and attentive.  I was with 6 kids aged from 9 to 11 and I had no worries about letting them out of my sight.  There were more than enough lifeguards.

We will be going back there a lot next summer.  I think the best thing to do is to get there when it opens and if they actually do ask us to leave after 3 hours we can walk across the street to the beach.

I hope I an not gonna get anyone in trouble but we got the 3 hour wrist band for $ 23.95.  We got there just about when the park opened and stayed for at least 5 hours.  There did not seam to be a mechanism in place to limit our time to what we paid for.  If  it did not start to rain we would have had lunch there and stayed till it got dark. (BTW, the food there looked good and was not overpriced).

But we did not stay to eat.  We did what I often do when I leave a place.  I got totally lost.  Instead of looking for the road home, we looked for a place to eat.  Not so easy when you WILL NOT EAT FAST FOOD.  But it is worth the effort.  We would up in Hazlet and found Luig's Famous Pizza.  I knew I was in the right place when 3 of the kids ordered the baked ziti and the proproiter looked at them and then said to me "How about I put 2 orders on 3 plates, dats gonna be more than enough for the 3 of dem."  I knew I was gonna get good food.


  1. looks like fun. My kids went there with camp. Next year you should try Dorney Park

  2. My kids always went there with camp. Next year you should try Dorney Park

  3. alli, I don't know? Dorney Park looks like a ling drive and longer lines. But maybe.

  4. Dorney park is a big place like Splish Splash, it's going to be long lines again


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