Sunday, August 28, 2011

I wish this was the worst of it. I know other people got it worse.

I still got family back in Sheepshead Bay.  They are fine, but I was asked to get a copy of the Daily News.

Wow, I said, I don't know if they sell that in Park Slope.  I have seen printed, paper copies of the New York Times, but I did not know they still allow the Daily News into Politically correct Park Slope.

So I walked around the corner to the (soon to be obsolete) newsstand.  (Maybe they will start selling bongs, like the one near my kid's school)  As you can see that did not work.

But apparently the Daily News does get to Brownstone Brooklyn.  But I just can't buy them today

I scratched my head and tried to figure out where old people buy stuff in Park Slope.  They don't go to The Coop....  They don't enjoy the convince of Fresh Direct.  So they must shop in Key Food!!!

Ah ha!  Key Food.

Ironically I was able to buy the last dry copy.

Enough of my sarcasm

The streets of Park Slope are mostly like this

and this

and this

However from my short survey of the hood,  the area around Montomgery Pl and 8th Ave had the worst of it.

This is 8th Ave from Montgomery.

Montgomery from 8th Ave.

The tree that fell in the middle of the block was getting a lot of attention.  There was a barefoot, shirtless man trying to chop it up with a hand saw.   I did not take his photo because he seamed so focused on hacking up the tree that my flash might have blown him into a full blown mania.

His injuries seemed immanent and everyone around looked like they were preparing to give him fist aid as soon as they happened.

What worried me more was the piece of roof that was laying across the side walk just up the block.

And I was glad to see New York's Finest shutting down one of Park Slope's finest blocks.

I gotta go now and find a way to get the water out of my car.  I have learned that it leaks when it is not being driven.


  1. Glad you and your wife and kids are okay.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Glad that you're OK. It looks like upstate may have gotten it worse than NYC. Parts of Western NY are just on the edge of the storm. We're fine, just some wind gusts.


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