Monday, August 15, 2011

Ikea? For fun???

My daughters friend slept over last night and woke up this morning saying she dreamed of sweetish meatballs.  Wanting to be a good host we went to IKEA for lunch.  Not that I would ever shop for housewares again, but they do make a good lunch.

A really cheap lunch.  REALLY CHEAP.  Kids eat free.  I brought 5 kids.  They all did not have a kids meal, but the 6 of us ate good for $22.

Ya can't buy 6 drinks in Starbucks for that price.

We even ate off real dishes.

The kids were all toilet trained but unfortunately they were all over 54".

Outside they got to play on some big balls.

Then we got on the Ikea Ferry to Wall St.

We visited the New York City Police Museum to avoid a thunderstorm.  (I had to take a big breath and pull the kids out of a looping documentary about 9/11, I already saw that.)

The storm left some great clouds for our ride home.

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