Friday, July 31, 2009

Ikea = "CRAP" in Swedish

It is really nice to shop in Ikea, it is a pleasant shopping experience. It is also nice place to have breakfast or leave you kids. But you should know the stuff they sell is well marketed crap.

Last fall I took a walk over to the Ikea here in Brooklyn. I only bought small stuff because I had to walk home. So I bought a dozen drinking glasses.

Six of these and six shorter ones with designs drawn on them. Every time I wash the dishes I thought I was gonna slit my wrist. The short ones have been gone since the Spring and I have one tall one left. That was quick.

My TV stand is nice but looks like it is gonna fall at any minute. Pressed Wood.


  1. I have also heard other people comment on their products. They don't advertise that in the commericals. Ha. Happy weekend.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience. I've always had great finds come from IKEA, things that have lasted for several years and many moves! Better luck next time, if you go back again!

  3. Guess I know to not visit the one in Dallas.

  4. Just like your mother said: If you take care of your things they last longer.

  5. @ Jim K: Visit, it is a fun place to shop. But don't assume you are getting a bargin.

    @ Jacob: I still got my old glasses.


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