Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Usually Make a Point of Avoiding the Vale of Cashmere

When I first moved into the neighborhood I explored all parts of Prospect Park.  The Vale of Cashmere is an area that is very close to my house but it is not a place to hang out.  It did not take me a minute to realize it is a place where men meet each other to perform sex acts.

I got past all that and chaperoned a 6th grade class trip.  I walked ahead and made a lot of noise to minimize any embarrassment.

I bet there is a wild story behind this.
Click here to see what people have to clean up.  If one does not look to closely at the litter it was very pretty.

The third photo shows mushrooms, not litter.  The sun was shining onto them in a poetic kind of way.  What a nice early fall day.

I found this third of a $20 there.  The other two-thirds are worth $20.


  1. I took my students on a scavenger hunt / team building activity there once. Same thing. A student was quoted, "Ms. I found a rug of condoms!" Ugh.

  2. It is kind of a pretty place--if you don't explain the background.

    :-) Marion


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