Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who ever said "Winning isn't everything" obviously wasn't fighting breast cancer.

This was the back of all the uniforms
of one of the other teams
Last week my son was upset because he finished dead last in his cross country race.  I tried to console him in all the usual ways.  I told him it was not a big deal as long as he tried his best (maybe true).  I told him that most of the other kids were bigger (a little true).  I even told  him that I finished last on that same course when I was in high school (true).  I tried blaming his breakfast, his shorts, and the lunar cycle.  Of course none of that worked.  He's 11.

I even reminded him that in the marathon that I ran the fastest, the one that I beat my long time goal I actually finished dead last.  Naw, didn't help either.

But today I made him feel good.  His meet had a Masters Division.  Grown ups got to run.  I honestly did not run my hardest.  I am running a marathon in 4 weeks and have a 20 mile training run scheduled for tomorrow, so I am not really gonna bang out my fastest 5K.  But I did run hard.

I finished 19 out of 21 starters.  However, I finished last among males and about 4 minutes behind the man in front of me.  I did not care.  I had a great time.  I worked up a good sweat.  I was kept on course by some of the same kids that I used to help.  I even got my name called by the Race Director when I finished.  And heard the whole roaring crowd thing (on a small scale.)

Yea, I had a great time, and my son saw me finish.  I showed him the print out of the results.  I showed him that I was the last guy to finish.  Then he understood that winning isn't everything.


  1. That was an

  2. Sometimes you just have to show your kids that it is ok to come in last or even not finish. It is the effort that goes into it that really counts. You need to take what you learn from those experiences and apply them to your next endeavor. I for one have definitely failed in achieving what I set out to do, but the effort I put into it was all that mattered to my children. Our kids see our efforts and commitments and learn from our examples. You just showed your son an important lesson.

  3. OK, you GOTTA give some clue as to how we can spot you running along Fourth ave in the marathon, so us other runner-parents-with-kids-who-go-to-the-Coop who love reading your wonderful blog can cheer you on!

    Any hints? Bib number? Top color? Funny hat?

  4. Oh sure Jennifer, who keeps her blogger profile secrete, ya want me to get personal.....

    First, don't look for bib #s in a race. Especially a big one. You really think you are going to successively spot a 5 digit number out of 50,000 people running by. Never gonna happen.

    Look at my blog post on Feb 23rd, 2011 or better yet on Sept 11th, 2011

  5. OK, point taken. I've opened up my profile now. The blog needs to stay closed ,sorry, as work busted my ass for mentioning work one too many times (event though I was just mentioning what an awesome place it was to work)...Got a good visual on you now, will look out for you running around, past or at the co-op. What am I supposed to yell out? "Go, Chicken Underwear"?!


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