Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunrise from Roosevelt Island.

I never really talked about this in my blog, but I have a job.  I is kinda neat to do something for fun and then have people offer you money to do it for them.  Is not a full time job or anything like that but I help organized foot races.  Sometimes I help design the route, which means I figure out where the course go and how the volunteers should keep the runners on track.   Sometimes or help get the results and awards to the participants. I deal with the logistics of race day, like getting water to the course, permits, portable poopong places and event the medals for the finishers.  The most fun part of my job is leading the runners from my bike.  I am the only one who gets to watch the race.

This morning I took this photo when I was setting up the starting line for a race on Roosevelt Island.  It was about 6am

Later in the day I drove out to Lawrence, one of the "Five Towns" on Long Island.  There I was measuring a course.  I will be helping out with a 5K there next week. We had to accurately decide where the race would start and finish, as well as figuring out where the mile markers should be.  It took 3 passes of the course to get it right.  I had time to take this photo of a sign near the Lawrence Yacht and Country Club.  

I was on a bike when I took this photo
Clearly not the place for me.


  1. I'm not quite ready for the dark mornings. Especially with the heat still turned off in our house, the dark and the cold just make me want to snuggle in the blankets by my dog.

    That's an interesting job. I don't think Milwaukee has any signs of no jogging like that I've ever seen.

    :-) Marion

  2. Obviously none of the Lawrence members jog or ride bicycles, and certainly none of them would dream of trespassing. I'm sure they have personal trainers who come to their yachts, and if any trespassing is required anywhere, they have someone to do that for them, too.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I gotta admit that sign was next to a golf course. Not a safe place to run, jog, walk or bike.


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