Friday, November 4, 2011

It is all about running

Yesterday I

  • Rode my bike to Prospect Park to pose for some photos regarding my involvement in The Brooklyn Marathon.
  • Jumped on the Subway to pick up my bib for the NYC Marathon.
  • Took my kids to their workout as part of the Prospect Park Youth Running Team., in Prospect Park.
  • Went to my workout with the Prospect Park Track club, back in Prospect Park.  
  • Enjoyed a carbo-loading meal with friends at Buckley's Restaurant.  The last time I was in Buckley's was in 1981 for my sister's sweet sixteen, it has not changed at all since then.

yea, Three trips to Prospect Park in one day.  I ran once and biked there twice.  Doesn't get much better than that.

It is nice to see old and new friend at the Expo.  But other than that is is about as interesting as checking into a Marriott.

But I did get to ride the ride the S train.  The entire inside was an ad.  For what, I can not recall.

Outside Javits you can see the big hole that will be the 7 train extension.  That thing should really keep going to New Jersey.>>>>

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