Friday, November 4, 2011

Fuck You Mr Shampoo's

These are trees.  They are living things.  We put a lot of effort and money into putting them there.

Don't pretend for a second that this is not harming them.

All around the intersection of 8th and Carroll in Park Slope.

and what the hell is with that "'s"?


  1. Good for you to remind us that trees can hurt too.

  2. the apostrophe is to show possession of the cleaning service.

    while the tree looks to be on the young side, i highly doubt those staples will hurt it in any meaningful way (cankers or pest).

  3. I ain't a tree expert (or a grammar expert) but isn't the layer just below the bark that part that is living and growing

  4. No question that it's illegal.
    (With this blog post was an ad for--shampoo!)

  5. It is illegal, and they can be fined for each instance. Report tree vandalism to 311.

  6. Oh, Chicken, you have met your match. I am a professional science editor AND have a PhD in plant physiology (I kid you not!) so I am definite the right gal to consult when you want to talk about sub-cambial mortality...


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