Friday, November 18, 2011

More about Bedford Ave

Yes, I grew up there.  If you click on this Wikipedia link, you can actually see the view from my corner.  It has not changed much. There is a bike lane now.  But I don't think that would stop anyone from storing their car in it.

But I am going to talk the other end of Bedford Ave.  Williamsburg has changed a lot since I grew up. A lot.  It changed so much that a whole now class of people live there.  HIPSTERS.  I try not to make generalizations, but the people who do are really lucky that hipsters exist.  They are lucky because you are allowed to make fun of hipsters. You can not make fun of people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, political views, disability, height, religions affliction, country of origin (remember Polish jokes), or hair color (ya can't even make a blond joke anymore).  But you can make fun of someone because you think they moved to Brooklyn from a fly-over state and they make a living doing things you do not understand.

You can make fun of Hipsters.  I am gonna do it.  It is OK.

So if figured out why so many European tourists come into the Brooklyn Borough Hall Tourism Center and want directions to Williamsburg . Because Hipsters smoke.  Yes, I got to where I needed to be an hour early and did a little people watching and yes, people were smoking in public.  Lots of them.  Smoking.  In public.  So I guess the Europeans want to be with their own kind.

Ha, I made fun of hipsters and Eurotrash (another made up generalization)  in one shot.

But the good thing about going to a bar in Williamsburg  is the old school graffiti in the bathroom.

Here is another view of the same exact evening.


  1. Jeez. Isn't calling eurotrash out on being eurotrash making fun of someone for their country of origin? Clearly you're a bigot...


    Isn't it funny how Bedford Ave is bracketed by the two groups you can make fun of? Hipsters on one end, eurotrash on the other. Tah-dah!

  2. I think you can make fun of someone because they are from Euro, but not Europe.


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