Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Government will have to occupy Zuccotti Park for a long time.

Yea, a few weeks a city (Mayor Bloomberg's Army) evict all the Occupy Wall Street people from Zuccotti Park.  I went down there to see what was going on and I can say that now the Park is occupied by the city.

The park is surrounded by a fence and in order to enter it you have to demonstrate that you are not going to occupy it.  It also seamed to be hosed down every 20 minutes so sitting on a bench is not really such a nice thing to do.

It really is not a very park like place anymore.

You never could roller blade or bike ride in this park  But now you can't sit on the ground or take a nap.

But you can eat breakfast there  I stopped by my favorite vendor and had a no-pork BLT.  They wont use pig, but they did put American cheese on my turkey-bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.  Hay it ain't my rules, but putting cheese on a BLT is an abomination.

But the eviction of the OWS people form Zuccotti Park and it's subsequent sterilization left it kinda less than occupied.  There were more cops than occupiers.  The handful of occupiers that were left were not the type that were going to gain the attention and respect of the media or even left-wing radicals like my self.  I am sorry, screaming "Jackson Brown is coming" into the air is not going to make we want to support your cause.  But this sign that was not there would have

"I don't have a problem with you bring rich, it is just that I don't think you should be allowed to buy my government."

I predict that the fence that was placed around the park will remain there in one form or another for ever.  This park will forever be occupied by the state, to prevent the people from moving back in.  Maybe in future years that fence will be hacked up by the Rebels and turned into ammunition like the more famous fence only a few blocks away.


  1. I was there just hours before they cleared out the occupiers.
    I agree cheeses on a BLT is wrong on so many levels.

  2. Why in the world did you put cheese on a BLT?? You need a smack for that

  3. I know I have to say no mayo, but I did not know it defaults to cheese.

  4. that is a real shame. I hope that isn't the case, that barriers are left up there. It shouldn't make a difference whether there are barriers or not. Ugh.

  5. It's like when Brooklyn had a rat problem and they brought in 'possums. Now there is a 'possum problem.


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