Saturday, November 21, 2009

A really old fence

This is the fence that goes around Bowling Green Park in Lower Manhattan. Now the fence encircles a really nice place to have lunch. But until July 9, 1776 the area inside had a statue of King George III. It was ripped down and turned into cannon balls that were fired at the British fleet that was occupying New York Harbor.

The fence used to be adorned with crowns. They were removed and also melted into cannon balls. That is why the tops of the fence posts are so uneven, they were hacked off by Patriots. From Wikepidia "
The cast-iron crowns that topped sections of the surrounding fence were knocked off, as well."

So many tourists feel compelled to photograph the bull at the North end of the park. It is just a big anatomically correct bull. But the top of that fence was touched by men who fought in the the Revolutionary War.


  1. Amazing story to go along with the photos, I love that kind of history! I haven't been to NY, yet, but I'd love to see this fence.

  2. I guess so if I was excitecd about a fence.

  3. Thanks for the post Chicken Underwear. This is actually very near to where I live and I highly recommend the Free 90mins downtown walk that starts right in front of the bowling green park and the Indian Museum on Thurs and Sat 12pm. They will tell you in details the story about the Park and the War.

  4. That tid-bit of information is now an official part of my own personal NYC history tour, given only to close friends and relatives who come in and visit me here.


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