Friday, March 2, 2012

another class trip.

No 6th Grade study of NYC would be complete with out a quick trip out to the Queens Museum to see the Panorama of New York City.

We got there a little early so the kids got to burn off some steam in front of the 700,000 pound Unisphere.

None of the kids recognized the Queens Theater in Park in the background.  I guess they will soon when their parents make them watch Men In Black before they go see MIB III in a few weeks.

anyway.  this is the best my puny Easyshare can do. Use your Google for better images.

It has not been update since 1992, so I got to say " Yes, that is what the Twin Towers looked like."

There was also a little extra going on.  There were 15 extra islands added to the Panorama

If I were a jerk I would question the need for Braille on the sign leading to the exhibit.  Just saying, after you take the visual away from this exhibit there ain't much left.

I appreciated the braille on the sign a little when I wished I had some binoculars so I could see my apartment house form the observation deck.


  1. Great pics of your class trip. I didn't get your Braille comment. Even a blind person could appreciate something without seeing it. They just "see" in a different way and they can always be escorted by someone telling them all about what is there.

  2. Thanks Joyful, for reminding me that just because someone might need braille to read the sign, they might still enjoy The Panorama. I was even looking for a telescope when I was on the "observation deck".

  3. Thanks CU, I enjoyed the link re the Unisphere as my knowledge was very limited about it. Very interesting indeed and awesome to look at.


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