Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can someone help me identify this varmint?

Today and last Sunday my runs originated from Randall's Island.  Randall's island is the home to a few psychiatric hospitals, many soccer fields, the buildings the Fire Department sets on fire so they can practice putting them out, the Triborough Bridge (I'm sorry the RFK Bridge) and a lot of things that the Parks Dept really should throw away.

But for my purposes it is home to  Icahn Stadium, where my kids have track meets.

Last week I dropped my kids off and ran into Manhattan and headed over to New Jersey.  My route was something like this and I took these photos.

Today I made a different loop, something like this.  Besides getting caught in a lot of rain, I got to get very close to the Hudson River.  Somewhere around  W 59th St I startled this beast.

Zoomed in we see this

Any clues?

Anyway, about a mile downtown (or downstream, ha ha) is the I passed The Intrepid.  Not tomorrow, but a real space ship is going to park there.  I can't wait.


  1. I am just guessing maybe a muskrat? Neat sighting!

  2. It looks like a squirrel but it's tail is too narrow. It is a muskrat. You can google some images of a muscrat and see. Nice photos.

  3. My friend posted one in the water just like it...called it a muskrat!


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