Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bob Potts

I don't want them to name a bridge or tunnel after me when I am gone.  I want to live the life that inspires people to name a marathon after me.  Bob Potts did that.  Read about him here. (We started the 1980 NYC Marathon together, he ran a 3:04, I was 17 and puked all over Queens and my Dad drove me home from mile 16.)  His son, Sean, who was not even born in 1980 organized the Bob Pots Heritage Train Marathon in his honor.

This was the race I wanted to run last year, but it was sold out and I Ran for the Red instead.  I also interrupted my training to run a full marathon 2 weeks ago.

This race was wonderful.  An out and back on the Heritage Rail Trail.  It was the easiest 26.2 miles I ever inflicted my body.  Besides the first mile and the last quarter the race was entirely on the crushed stone of the rail trail, Also even though it was over 80 degrees and sunny when I finished on the track, it was cool and shady in on the trail.  They also said it was pancake flat, but it wasn't.  The first half was an imperceptible 1% steady uphill, coming back it was a lovely 1% decent.  If you want to find out how fast you can run 26.2 miles, this is the place.  Nobody will get in your way, nothing will slow you down.

My finish time was 5:00:25, that was 10 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago.  I was not trying to see how fast I could run, I wanted to have a good time.  I did........

Below is a video that was taken by a cyclist that shows the Howard Tunnel.  It was built in 1840 and was defended by Union troops during the Civil War.  It also shows what most of the race course was like.

Thanks Panoramio user Jeffmumm for the following 3 photos

.Most of the course looked just like this.

and this.

When we were not running in the shade it looked like this.  It was only a quarter mile or so, so it was worth it to be in the sun.


  1. Thanks, friend, for using my photos! I am honored. Looks like you had a great run, just as I had a great ride that day with my son! Good luck with your future races.

  2. Grats on your finish and on enjoying the run. It was a great day out there. Are you the guy my wife and I gave a lift to afterwards?

  3. I like the looks of this. Maybe there will be a Bob Potts Marathon in my future... congrats on finishing strong!


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