Friday, June 8, 2012

They can't hold in their joy.

I have a lot of time in playgrounds and some time in amusement parks.  I don't go on rides.  I just let my kids be kids.

Today I helped my daughter celebrate her 12th birthday at Luna Park in Coney Island.  She did not really need me there, I just sat under the shade of the old  Astro Tower.  I did not know it was originally build for and installed at the 1963 Worlds Fair in Queens.  It was moved after The Fair was over.  Just like the Parachute Jump that was build for the 1939 Words Fair.

When I looked up, this was my view.  It does not go up and down anymore, but it still provides some shade.

When I looked forward I got to see this.  What a great place to people watch.

I notices something wonderful.  Sometimes kid are so full of joy when they get off one ride and go to the next, they actually skip.

I sat in my "shade and made believe I was working for National Geographic.

I tried to get the award winning photograph of the skipping child.

This girl was skipping, but I zoomed in to much.

Believe it or not he was skipping

Got one!

He almost skipped into a fence.

We took the subway home.

From in side the new Stillwell Ave Subway Station you can see the new Scream Zone Rides.

I used all the zoom it had.

The Groupons I had for Luna Park included 2 tickets for the Scream Zone Rides.  The said they don't expire.  I hope not. It is gonna be a few years before my kids are ready to go on those rides. When they are 49, like I was on the day I took these photos, they might not want to go on rides any more.


  1. Janet

    I should have know that, but I was just copying off of Louse's blog. My parents told me they pushed me around the Worlds Fair. That would not have happened in 1963

  2. Really great pics C.U. and I just can't remember the last time I saw kids doing the joyful skipping thing - I'll keep an eye out from here on.

  3. aw, sounds like the perfect day.

    I don't like rides and don't see the point in them. Why freak yourself out? But Mark loves them.

  4. Coney Island: a real travel in time and space. Incredible and awesome place. One of the best in the city...

  5. Thanks for the photos and sharing a wonderful time with us. I did get to ride on the Astro Tower a number of years ago but I did not know the history. See ya around coney!


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