Sunday, June 17, 2012

I did have a nice day, thank you.

I actually got to have a Father Day.  The wife and kids actually asked me what I wanted to do and I knew.

First I wanted to check out the Food Truck Rally that is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of every warm month.  To the right is the whole shebang.  I had a yummy pork on a pita, the boy had a nicely made hamburger and french fries, the girl has a totally amazing grilled cheese with bacon and spicy pickles and he wife had dome fresh edamame.  We enjoyed our lunch in the shade just inside Prospect Park.

This is the view from just in front of the truck that served my lunch to me.  The sun did come out.

it was 2012
The we walked 2 blocks to the 7th Heaven Street fair.  It is almost a cookie cutter street fair.  I actually bought 2 belts for $10, cheap pajamas for my girl and a Sham Waw.   I even bought a Sham Wow at a street fair.

My girl pointed out that they had Real Fake Long Lasting Tattoos

She said I should take a photo and put it in my blog.  Of course.

The kids took a ride on Joe and Don's King Kong Swing Ride

There was a little auto show.  A Yugo next to a Model A, in front of my kids old school

and if you know me you will know why this is funny


  1. Happy Father's Day to you! It's nice that your family asked you what you wanted to do and that you all had a good time.


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