Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Only" the 8th floor.

The building actually has another 8 floors and this was from my droid
But, wow, what a kitchen window.


  1. It IS a great shot C.U. but I'll own up to ignorance, where a I looking over?

  2. Good question.

    Most of the land in the foreground is Brooklyn. Then there is a body of water. It is call The Upper Bay, it is where the Hudson and East Rivers meat. (Neither is really a river but that is another story). Across the water is New Jersey.

    Lower Manhattan can be seen to the right. Tower 1 of the World Trade Center it to the far right. It is again the tallest building in NYC.

  3. Looking Northwest from here,Brooklyn,+NY+11215&gl=us&ei=R1fmT5y3B-e06gGq2pnhDg&ved=0CHsQtgM

  4. Thanks C.U. ! when I looked before, I couldn't find a landmark with which to get my bearings. When I read your description and had another look everything became clear. About the Hudson and the East, an estuary question I believe?
    Anyway thanks, I like a bit of a mystery, especially where my favourite world city is concerned :)

  5. Nice views, nice photo, nice place to live!


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