Monday, June 11, 2012

It is not a secret anymore.

I must have been to Governors Island many times, look at thisthis and this.  Sometimes I even get to work there. But I think I told to many people how nice it is, and they told their friends, and they told their friends and so on and so on.

Maybe we got a late start but it was really hard to have a nice bike ride there.  Hay the kids still had fun, but it took 45 minutes to get some really bad street meat and there was even a line to buy crap from the machines.

There is something odd about the plumbing on Governors Island.  There is none.  There used to be plumbing, there still are buildings with sinks and toilets, but there is not potable water on Governors Island.  I happen to know the guy who made it that way.  One of my teammates is a retired plumber.  He used to work for the City of New York, inspecting water pipes.  He was driving me how through the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel and he said he got to inspect the fresh water pipes that brought the water to the Island.  Fresh water came from both Manhattan and Brooklyn through the tunnel.  It was delivered to the Island via the air shaft that was on Governors Island.  Look to the right.  If you add the roads to a Google Map, you can see that the Battery Tunnel passes within yards of Governors Island.  It air shaft is connected to the island by a walkway.  That walkway used to bring Governors Island its drinking water.....  Till my friend Aaron failed the pipes.

It looks like he city want get the pipes fixed, but this story is already 2 years old.

We will be back.  But we will get on an earlier boat and bring lunch....and water.


  1. No potable water for two years? Now that IS slow.

  2. There has been no drinking water for much more than 2 years. They just said they would try to fix it 2 years ago.

  3. One year I visited Gov Island 3 times in one summer the next I didn't go at all. I miss it. This summer my goal is to run from near Coney Island to Atlantic Ave and BQE to take the ferry to the island. For a loop around the island, of course.

  4. Linus

    I was once on a run that included a loop around The Battery. I got a drink at the Governors Island Ferry Terminal and realized the first boat of the day was leaving. I got on, (ran back and forth on the deck) ran a loop of the island and took the ferry back.


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