Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interesting things in unexpected places.

I took my camera phone for a run last week and notices some new stuff.

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It looks like they are doing something interesting with the corner of Carroll and Hoyt.  It is an interesting spot to begin with.  Half a block away is the Gowanus Canal, but just halfway up the block is some very attractive  residential housing.  To the right is a screenshot of the Current Google Streetview. (the link might change).

I looks like they are creating a curb bulb so that it will be safer to cross the street there.  But, they put a little extra effort into this one.

The put plants in it.

but not just any plants.  Water plants.

As seen from the top of the hill, water will run through it when it rains.

I promise to update this in a few months when the project is done.

I will try to get there in the rain.

Then I continued my run onto The Brooklyn Bridge.

She is in the middle of a massive cleaning project and is covered on may white tarps.

In NYC a white tarp is really called a blank canvas.

and it the middle

and on the Manhattan Side.

If anyone knows the artist please let me know.


  1. Interesting info CU, and great pics - keep remembering that phone when you're out and about won't you!

  2. Rose, I went on the same run this morning. (A week later)

    Everything on the Brooklyn Bridge was erased.


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