Saturday, July 14, 2012


So my wife presented at a conference up in Saratoga Springs and I figured it might be a fun idea to drive up and enjoy some nature.
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Now, I don't know much about Saratoga, but I do know how to use the Internet.  With a days notice I knew to go to www and click on Things to do and then Kids.

In the middle of the list is a link to a place called Ausable Chasm.  It looked fun.  Nature walks, waterfalls, "Descend hundreds of feet to walk on natural stone walkways and enjoy amazing natural scenery and adventure."  The adventure included rafting and tubing.

It address was on Route 9.  Hey, the hotel war right off Route 9 so it can't be far.   We checked in to the same hotel the conference was in, put our bathing suits on and I dialed the address of the Chasm into my GPS.  It turned out that address wasn't really anything in Saratoga Springs.  Asuable Chasm, NY is near Plattsburg. 113 miles away. but also on Route 9.  WHY THE FUCK WAS THIS LISTED AS A THING TO DO WHEN YOU ARE IN SARATOGA.

I contained my rage in front of the kids and found a quick plan B.  Saratoga Spa State Park.  Specifically (and I had seen this on the internet) the Peerless Pool.  It turned out to be a lot like the Red Hook Pool, here in Brooklyn, but without the Parks Dept enforcing Nazi rules.  The kids actually had a ball and we got to have dinner with Mom.  I did not care what I ate as long as I did not have to get back in the car and the Saratoga Beer was cold.

The pool was actually lovely.  The 3 photos below ware take from the same spot.

and also unlike Red Hook, they let me take my phone into the pool area.

The next day I figured out where to go and got the entire family to Lake George.  A couple of hours at 1,000,000 Beach and I felt redeemed.

We ain't got this in Brooklyn


  1. Great pics, bet the kids had a ball. Anyone reading this really should read your post on the Red Hook pool, sheesh talk about RULES and REGS! Anyway this place was lovely. Hope C. is well and happy.
    And WHAT? this morning they just erased all from the B.B.?! :(

  2. Oh, I love the beach!
    And I always enjoy your stories, you know.

  3. SPAC was my home cross country course in college. Did you know this post could become running related??

  4. It looked like a nice place to run. Lots of families on bikes, too.


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