Monday, September 3, 2012

A little confusing

This morning  participated in the 2012 Manhattan Training Run.  From what I understand the NYPD Marathon team used to run the length of the West Side of Manhattan on the Sunday before Labor Day.  They opened this up to the public as a fundraiser for Finest Sports. I am not really sure what they do with the money they raise but they are cops, so it must be for a good cause.  I have done this a few times before, you can read about the run here

The thing starts at 7:30am on the other side of the Subway and I met a friend at 5:20 am to make the trip.  I rode the subway on autopilot till it was time to get off.  I knew that we had to get off at the last stop in Manhattan.  Somewhere North of 125th St I looked at the list of stations.

Huh..  The MetroNorth Station is in The Bronx.  Marble Hill is a neighborhood in The Bronx.  Why is it on the Manhattan side of the list.

Here is a screenshot of the MTA list of 1 Train stops.  Both 225th St and 207th St seam to be connected (and in Manhattan)

Well here is reality.  Marbel Hill - 225 St is in the Bronx and 215th St is the last stop in Manhattan.

But wait!  Marble Hill is across the Harlem River, but it is in Manhattan. Really, just ask Wikipedia.  The border of Manhattan follows the old path of the Harlem River.

Thanks New Construction Manhattan

and to totally make things more confusing the 225th St Subway Station is actually on the bridge that crosses the Harlem River.

So if I ever do "The Manhattan Training Run" again I am going to walk over the Broadway Bridge so I can actually run the western length of Manhattan.

and  I wonder if there are any real world implications to this border anomaly.  Does the Manhattan Borough President Really care about the residents of Marble Hill?. (Does the Brooklyn Borough President really care about the residents of Brooklyn?).  Other voting issues?

It looks like Marble hill is firmly planted in The Bronx's 50th Precinct.  But does the Manhattan DA, prosecute those crimes?

More on that later when I take a close look at the border between Brooklyn and Manhattan//

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