Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not everyone needs a rule book

A few weeks ago I bumped into this guy on the Brooklyn Bridge.  I stopped my run because he had a bike that had some signs on it.  He was touring the US to promote "One Million Acts of Kindness".  I took his flier and honestly did not give it much more thought.

But I shroud have, because I met him again when  was taking a photo of his "bus"

I just had to take a photo.  As a father of both a son and a daughter it meant so much.  It also means a lot to me as a voter.

This time I had some more time and I spoke to Bob Votruda for a while. Oh, here is a link to his website.  As you can see he does not really have any agenda.  Not political, not religious. He is not telling anyone what to do.  He is just going around being a nice guy,.

Everyone thinks that they are kind, but meeting Bob made me think of ways I can be kinder.

I thought of two.

  • I will try to honk less.and smile more.
  • say thank you, and tell people what I am thanking them for.
If you have any suggestions let me know.

If you look through Bob's website you will see that he is just trying to be a good example for his children.  Me to.


  1. I will show more tolerance for all people and situations.
    I will give everyone more of my time, and not be too busy most of the time - even if I am.
    I will make eye contact, and smile.
    I will go out of my way for someone even if I don't feel like it.
    I will always be aware of how I make someone feel through my words or actions.
    My grandmother once told me that good manners can be a wonderful kindness.

    (I will be kind and try not to talk so much.)

  2. We could all do well to remember that some of the messages this guy presents ought to be in our daily lives.

  3. Great post. It's a good reminder. Lately I have been reminding myself to be more patient with my parents. They won't be here much longer and I need to show more appreciation for them!


You do not have to be nice!


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