Sunday, September 9, 2012

I just have to brag

Today I finished my 4th marathon of 2012
It was my 26th marathon.
It was my 2nd Ultra this year. (an ultra is a run greater than 26.2 miles.)

But it was something that I has been on my "bucket list" for a while.

Today I ran around Manhattan.  Literally around Manhattan.

Organized by my friend Mat as a Run around Manhattan to honor September 11th..  This was organized as a "Fat Ass Run"  that means that it was free and that there was no T-Shirts, no medals, and no support.  Yes, no support.  We were told to bring or be prepared to buy anything we need along the way.  

Our aid station was the Twin Donuts on Broadway and 220th St.  I made a bold new choice and ordered an ice coffee.  It worked well after 15 miles of running.  They were also nice enough to fill my water bottle with ice.

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Here are the instructions we were given.  They are a little creased from being in and out of my pocket for 31 miles.

I will add some more photos if I can find them.  

Till then when you look at a photo of NYC from orbit, thing of the fact that I ran around Manhattan Island today.

and after 31 miles,,,,,,,

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  1. Michael, this is some crazy year for
    you, and your running ....
    what you do not know because you are not me, is so true. keep doing what you love to do... so what's next on your bucket list ???


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