Friday, October 19, 2012

"I Grew Up a Block From Prospect Park"

This is the video they were shooting
Not me, I grew a few miles away, but my kids are and so did Shelby White.  I kept hearing her repeat that at this mornings dedication of Chiam Baier Music Island & The Shelby White and Leon Levy Esplanade.

She donated $10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Dollars) so my my kids and I can enjoy what she did when she grew up, one block from Prospect Park.

When I grew up Prospect Park was a dump.  Not any more.  Thank you.Mrs White.

The old ice scatting rink was where the water is now.  The new one is in the background.  Next Winter we will skate there.  Well... my kids will I will get a cup of coffee and walk over to the new Esplanade.

The view free of construction

The Mayor is in that crowd

 Wow!  We are still in Brooklyn.

But because this is my blog I gotta tell a more personal story.  This event started at 9:30 am and at 9 am it was poring.  I was gonna walk, but I decided to take my bike.  I decided not to take my car because 1.) It is just wrong to take a car into Prospect Park and 2.) I really did not want to have to look for a parking spot when I came back.

So I got there and was able to lock my bike up in the parking area they set up for the event. After the event I was the only one who was able to get out of the parking lot because the press trucks blocked the gate.  HA!


  1. Good thinking taking the bike - you didn't come down in the last shower did you CU :)
    I'll say lots of gratitude to Mrs White!
    The photos are amazing, really beautiful surroundings.
    You won't forget to follow up with winter pics of the rink will you.:)

  2. lol. haha.
    I didn't know about the $10M donation. Wow. What will they do next, I wonder, to the park? It's already pretty nice.


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