Friday, October 19, 2012

Just another Fall Afternoon in Prospect Park. (Updated, without the dumpster)

When my kids are training, I got on my bike and snapped some photos.

I submitted the third one and the last one to a contest to be on postcards about Brooklyn.

The last 2 were take of the same view, both below and above he Endale Arch.  If only the dumpster was not there

I just updated one of the photos.  Scroll down..

I went back and moved the dumpster
It has been 7 days.  Kinda need how the trees changed.


  1. The ones you're submitting are great MIke, but can't you go back and MOVE the darn dumpster, take the pic again and submit it too?? How many pics can you put in? I see they judge in 11 days so you've still got time? The arch photo is reallllly good.

  2. But you have the date-stamp on for the new photo...


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