Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The day after Sandy: We were lucky.

People had it A LOT WORSE in other parts of Brooklyn  but this was was what I saw in Park Slope and along the Gowanus Canal.  Many streets in Park Slope are blocked by fallen Trees.

This is the other side of my block

I put the cones there. :)

My friends live in the house that that tree is in front of. They hated it, it left multiple seasons of debris on their sidewalk.

I am sure they will miss it more than they are willing to admit.

If I am lucky I get to park in those spots.

Everyone is out taking pictures.  One of my daughters bffs, lives there.

This is the other side of MY BUILDING.  It looks like we have to be protected from the construction shed that is there to protect us.

Besides the trees there was some structural damage.

Stuff blew off roofs, and some gates and fences blew over.

Below is a photo of Bond St, one block from the Gowanus Canal.  Click over to Pardon Me For Asking to see the photos of when the water was up to that water line

Others were not so lucky.  People died,  The Jersey Shore will Never be the same.  It looks like the Atlantic Ocean met the Bay in Rockaway. All the subway and auto tunnels that connect Brooklyn and Manhattan filled with sea water.

So I got nothing to complain about.  My biggest problem is that my MIL won't have a land line for 2 weeks and refuses to / does not know how to  turn her cell phone on.  Maybe there wont be a Marathon on Sunday, I'll live.

Click this to see some real problems


  1. I'm glad you and your family made it through safely. Was thinking about all of you.

  2. So right CU many people were not so lucky. Lives were lost. Going by your photos, a massive clean-up will ensue. I was surprised at what detailed and up to date coverage we received over here.
    So pleased you and yours are safe.


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