Wednesday, October 31, 2012


But I know some low people in high places, or maybe some high people in low places so the let me in.

But a lot of people were in the park

4 or 5 cop cars were making loops.  1 or 2 of them were using their PA system to tell people the park was closed.

The park road was being used as place to cue up disaster relief trucks

and more disaster relief trucks

and it looks like they got a lot of the beach equipment to high ground.

Lots of beach equipment.


  1. Have been receiving further photographic coverage reports over here CU and its hard to absorb the devastation this storm has caused - the fires, damage, loss of life, flooding and on the list goes. The ensuing days are going to be unbelievably tough for so many.
    Prayers and thoughts are with those doing it really tough.
    Thanks for all the photos and updates.

  2. Hi Chicken,

    I was in the park, too. I can understand they don't want us in there, but I wonder, can't it be we're in there at our own risk?

    I have to say we are very lucky tho. Hope you're doing well. I'll be taking photos of the marathon on 4th Avenue, so I might see you!

    Best, K

  3. Police telling you to leave = being there at your own risk


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