Sunday, November 4, 2012

I ran a marathon anyway.

We all know the NYC Marathon was cancelled. Others will debate the virtues of that.  Some might be upset with me for running when only a few miles away people are without food and water.  But ya' know, I don't have a truck and I don't have the ability to get the water out of someones basement.  But the people that have those skills and tools are working on my dime.  You can help too.  Just take out your credit card and click this. It will do a lot more good that buying a case of ramen noodles and bringing them to someone who does not have a stove.

So I walked over to Prospect Park where I happen to be one of the 3 people in the world who knows the exact course of the Brooklyn Marathon.  At exactly 9 am I stood alone at the starting line.  But I could not start.  This was not a training run, not just a jog.  I was about to run a USATF Certified Marathon Course. (not exactly that course, a little different)  This was a race, I was not competing with anyone else, but I never really do.

I stood there and waited for the first jogger to come by

"Excuse me, can you do me a favor?"

"er, sure?"

"I am about to run a marathon, could you say "GO!""

Smile, "Sure.  READY GO!"  and I take a step and start my watch.   "And the crowd goes wild!" he added.

I was not alone.  There were lots of other runners in Prospect Park.  Many of them were wearing NYC Marathon Bib.  and many of them were running to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  ACS  was there with water, Gatorade and most importantly cow bells.  Cow bells make me run faster.  The photo to the right is not exactly them, but they did make me feel like that .  Support them here., I will.

Besides the sound of cowbells there was another noise in Prospect Park.  The buzz and hum of near and far chainsaws.

A fleet of trucks full of lumberjacks came to help.

Thank you


5th of the year.

28th marathon or ultra finish.

In the books.


  1. You gave it all you can by running
    let another marathon. Sounds like
    you were following your dream...xo


You do not have to be nice!


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