Saturday, November 3, 2012

The soon to be former Pink House of Garfield Place.

According to landmarks it had to say pink or look like the rest.  That is because it was pink on some certain date and did not have to change.  I think the owner lift it pink because it was the favorite color of someone he or she loved.  Or something like that.  It was sold so it can look like every other brownstone now.  

A. Malek is one of the big companies that work on the exterior of buildings around here.  I think most of their crew speaks in Urdo.  I should say I know, because I asked them once..  It is a very pleasant language to listen to.  They all sound like they are describing something good to eat.

In this Brownstoner post, the photographer got them to smile.  I thought I would let them work.

Wiggle around in this Google Streetview to see the rest of the block.

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  1. I love architecture but you've probably twigged to that by now, the streetview was amazing - like stepping back in time - utterly charming. The one interior shot of the pink place depicted wonderful flooring and some awesome woodwork. Would love to see a follow up pic when they've finished blasting her back to brownstone.

  2. Thanks for that great information as to why the house is painted pink... and now I know...xo


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