Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Those are good odds.

99 of the 146 people who were struck by trains in 2011 lived.

You could also say that 2 out of three people who were stuck by trains lived.

So, statistically, it would not be unusual to be struck by a train 3 trains before you die. Unless, the injuries sustained by the first stuck by a train, make it less likely to survive a second struck by a train.

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The MTA has a web page about it

A few years ago, I was waiting for the Q train at 7th Ave in Brooklyn.  I was in the middle of the platform and when the train was pulling into the station it screeched to a stop.  After a long time an announcement was made that it was stuck and we were given some sort of transfers get on another train.

Later that week I had dinner with my in-laws.  My Mother-in-law asked me if I had trouble getting to work because her train was stopped as it entered the 7th Ave Station because someone jumped in front of it.

So, I actually think that the 47 people that died when they were struck by trains planned it that way.

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