Thursday, December 6, 2012

2 photos I took last week

Last week I happen to be in the neighborhood where I was born.  I attended PS 255 for the first half of kindergarten.  I don't think it had a name when I went there but now it it named after me.  They spelled it differently and changed my first name.  But it was a long time ago.

I did not take this photo

I also happened to be in the York Street Subway Station.  I noticed this box.  It might not have been used since I was back in kindergarten.

This morning I had a moment to think of how things have changed since I was in grade school.  I went out for a run and when I was a block away I realized I forgot my phone.  I did not start running with a phone till my kids were in school.  They is how they (or their teachers) will get in touch with me.  So I went back an got it.  When I did, I realized that one of my kids forget their lunch.

Things have changed a lot in 40 years.  Schools have names, nobody know what to do with tokens and dads can run to their kid's schools to get them their lunches.

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