Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I just paid to upgrade my ability post photos

So you can see this.

Last week I took some photos of the tree.

It is now costing me $2.49 a month to continue to upload photos.  I make about that much from the Google Ads that you may click on.


  1. Whoa, it's bad that you have to pay to upload photos to the blog. Do you have old albums in Picasa that you can delete to free up space?

  2. Linus,

    It seams that the photos that you upload to blogger are limited. Google also will not give me any help or advise till I pay them. So I might be able to get some helpful information now.

  3. Michael, there seems to be a huge number of bloggers complaining about the very same thing. And there seems to be a pattern emerging, in that its only people who have their photos in Picasa - is that you? Is that where yours are?

    By the way these pics are v.e.r.y. creative.

    Oh, you're in my past!! :)


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