Friday, February 1, 2013

I used to work above a supermarket.

My old job occupied  the 3 stories above a D'agostino's.  It was a career training school and most of the students were 18 and 20 year old young men.

Ed Koch lived around the corner and he often shopped in the supermarket.

Whenever I would see him I would say hi and then I would scoot upstairs and  tell my students that Frank Perdue was down there checking on his chickens.  They always believed me and ran down to gawk.  I hope Ed appreciated the attention I gave him.

Frank was dead at the time.  This is from his NY Times Obit

It helped that he looked like a chicken. And Ross Perot. And Edward I. Koch, the mayor of New York. His bald head, droopy-eyed expression and prominent nose made people smile and feel comfortable with him. They tended to trust him more than they did slick-looking announcers.

Now they are both dead,


  1. I met Frank Purdue in a Pathmark on LI in the 80s. He was wearing the white lab coat and had a clipboard and was standing in the dead-chicken isle. Not quite the same as meeting Koch in a supermarket, but similarish.


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