Thursday, January 31, 2013

I don't usually go into malls.

But it was just to windy it enjoy a chicken and rice outside.  (I think the wind actually blew my shoelaces open.)  So I sat on a bench in the Atlantic Mall.  It is not really much of a mall, not the kinda place one would spend a day, more like a pile of stores on the corner of Atlantic Ave and Flatbush.  Whatever.  I was not there to shop.

In the middle of my lunch I look up and noticed that the ceiling was a map.  An extremely detailed map.  I am not kidding, I was sitting below my block.

I zoomed in on my building.

kinda cool.  Very accurate.  More details than I would expect for a ceiling in a mall.

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  1. There, now if it hadn't been for the weather, and the wind blowing your shoelaces open, you never would have seen the map. I've always loved maps, and am always happy when my husband asks me to navigate while he drives.


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