Friday, March 22, 2013

Some Signs

This one is great.  It could mean anything.  From up close it is the most ambiguous combination of words I have ever seen.   This sign could be on anything and it would still be correct.  Maybe I will make it into a sticker and put in on my kids.....  If I put it on my car will it prevent it from being towed if I park in someones driveway?


Below is the big picture.  It's use is not much  clearer. Is  "The Owner" asking you to not remove the wall the sign is stapled to?  More Whatever!?

But this asks the bigger question.  Why is Bergen Tile Co. closed?  The answer is always the same. Because the owner of the property will make more money if it were something else.  The property is slated to become   "a mixed-use building with retail located on the ground floor and residential dwelling units located on the 2nd through 6th floors.” according to Brownstowner.  Who wants to live across the street from an arena?

Up the block at the Barclays  Center we got  guys holding up signs that the Arena is unfair to Unions.

Well, maybe not unfair to unionized workers.  If you drill down it turns out that it is just a fight between two unions that are fighting over the scraps of well paying jobs at the arena.

Union workers protest the protest against Atlantic Yards.
Most people did not see this coming but The Unions were once the biggest supporters of this project.

Back in 2006, From The Atlantic Yards Report, carpenters’ union official John Holt Sr. commented, “I don’t want to hear about the sewers, the electric. We built it, and we build it big.”
Yea, right.  They are not even going to use Union Labor to build the rest of the project.

I'm shocked.  Not.

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