Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How could the origins of my life be interesting?

Well they are to someone.  The fine folks at Forgotten New York are featuring Ocean Ave and they used the doorway of the apartment building I grew up in to shout about it.

Really, I lived on the 4th floor of 2261 Ocean Ave till I was almost 6.  I attended half a year of kindergarten around the corner at PS 255.

After my family  moved out to larger digs on Bedford Ave

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OMG, I just spoke to my Mom.  We lived at 2270 Ocean Ave, diagonally across the street.

this one....

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Of course she was right.  I knew we faced Ocean Ave and our fire escape was in the front.  My room was on the 4th floor on the left side of the photo.

I Mighta gotten the address wrong, but now I remember the window.

I remember looking out that window in the Summer of 1969.  Looking at the Moon and straining to see Neil Armstrong.

I remember asking my dad why people count sheep when they can't sleep.  He said that the shepherds used to drive their herds of sheep on Ocean Ave at night and if you were up late you could count them


  1. Oh, gotta love that. Did you ever stay up late to look out the window for the sheep on Ocean Avenue so you could count them?
    You're right, everyone's beginnings are interesting to someone. I'm always fascinated by mine, but, even though I was there, I don't remember much. I can, however, tell my brothers and sister about their beginnings.

  2. A nice walk back in time Mike, love the buildings and their facades (have a thing for those fire-escapes!)
    Last two paragraphs - aw.
    By the way did you ever see Neil Armstrong ;)


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