Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I beg to differ. (STAY AWAY WALMART).

I am a big fan of car sharing.  I happen to own a car so I have never need one It is clearing a good thing, especially in city like New York  If you don't know about Zipcar, they provide short term (hourly) car and van rentals with many locations all over the city.  They even have a membership program that includes the fact that you don't have to actually go to a retail location to pick up or drop off your rental.  Again, I own a car, so the details of the system are really a mystery to me.  So, if you want more information about Zipcar ask the Google

On one hand, a Zipcar can be used to go shopping,

one roll at a time is not

First, let me talk about the people who might need a car share.  Like me, they live in the dense parts of the city.  They probably don't own a car because they are a short walk to the subway.  I am a short walk to the subway (3 different lines).  But I have kids.  I think that people with kids are just a little more likely to own a car than those without. The point is, that it is really hard for anyone to walk home from the subway without passing a store that sells toilet paper.

Then there is the argument about how important it is to support your local retailer.  Basically, if they loose their toilet paper business, they might not be there when you need a quart of milk  I don't want to have to use a car to buy a loaf of bread.  I don't live in suburbia for a reason.  (STAY AWAY WALMART). 

Also, if are looking at this subway ad and don't own a car, you are likely to live in a small apartment.  Do you know what we call the volume of space 20 rolls of toilet paper takes up in a Brooklyn apartment?  One-Third of the only closet I have.

I might get rid of my car and give a lot of business to car sharing programs.  But I'm not going to rent an SUV just to buy toilet paper.

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  1. I love this post! We used the zip car when we lived on the UES in our 400-sq ft apt and we did NOT use it to go shopping for bulk items. We used it to get OUT of the city! Visit family in NJ, etc. Totally agree, there ain't no room in a small apartment for more than 8 rolls of toilet paper!


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