Thursday, June 20, 2013

7th Grade Field Day

I forgot that two years ago I took this photo. when I took the one below

The weather was perfect. The kids were great.  But the condition of Fort Greene Park was appalling,

Why was there grass growing out from between the paving stones?

The photo at left does not make it look so bad, but many of the stones were loose.

There was a bathroom in the park, but it had no toilet paper.  That wasn't going to work.  Fortunatly it was easy to fully stock it with toilet paper by walking across the street to a bodega and buy 2 packages. (I did not have to rent a ZipCar and go to Costco)

I wish there was a better way to more equably distribute the wealth when it came to NYC Parks.  Manhattan Park (Central Park)  look like they are part of a fancy hotel and well, many parks in the outer boroughs look much worse than Fort Green Park.

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  1. Hi! This caught my attention today as my AJ was out on a field day at the local park. I'll have to take them on a field trip to take pics for all the world to see. I love our parks here for the most part, well except for the goose poo at the beach.


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